2016 Script Development Program Finalists


Feature Film Outlines Selected
The FOUR feature film outlines that will be developed into rough first drafts through three intensive weekend sessions under the guidance of Michael Melski, one of Canada’s top story editors have been selected. Shelley Thompson (NS), Jillian Acreman (NB), Mary Lewis (NL) and the team of Tim Beers & Nadine d'Entremont (NS) will attend pitch workshops with Michael to hone their pitching technique. 

All writers will also take part in the Script Pitch Event, during the 36th Atlantic Film Festival, where the writers will pitch their feature film idea to a room of industry professionals with the aim of attaching a producer and/or director to the projects and to compete for the $10,000 development prize made available through The Harold Greenberg Fund

Writers will be evaluated upon: the quality of the script; the demonstrated abilities of the writer within the entire curriculum of the program; and, the ability of the writer to articulate the attractiveness of the story in verbal form.

The 2016 Feature Film Outlines Selected:

Shelley Thompson For Bonnie's Benefit
When popular music teacher Bonnie’s marriage to no-good chancer Randy finally blows up, the neighbourly people of the village of Wallace are determined to help. The decision to use proceeds from a fundraiser ‘for Bonnie’s benefit’ to hire a hit-man instead of a lawyer, sees the school’s principal, Shay, enlisting an old IRA buddy, to do the business. But it all gets complicated when hit-man Mick strikes up a friendship with his target. Bonnie, meanwhile, is blissfully unaware. Randy thinks Mick is his friend. The real assassin is Karma. 
Jillian Acreman Queen of the Andes 
It’s 2056 and the government has reinstated the draft. They’re sending young adults to colonize Mars and procreate, in hopes of saving mankind from the exhausted ruins of our planet. Pilar has received her letter and has three days left on earth. She quietly prepares for her upcoming departure while still exploring ways out of the program. The loneliness of keeping her secret is overwhelming, but she’s determined to preserve her relationships and experience authentic final memories not clouded in sadness.  
Mary Lewis February
In the dark hours of early morning on Valentine’s Day of 1982, Helen O’Mara receives a phone call that would reverberate for the rest of her life. The Ocean Ranger oilrig had been swallowed by 200-foot waves overnight in the ice storm off the Grand Banks. All eighty-four men aboard were lost.  Among them is Cal, Helen’s beloved husband and John’s beloved father. That phone call is a shattering.  A story that had one shape now splinters into something else - a maze or a labyrinth.  A searching for meaning ensues, driving a story that must thrust back and forth through time to reach its heart. Based on the novel of the same name by Lisa Moore.
Tim Beers and Nadine d’Entremont F.U. Karma

Drama teacher Peter is faced with broken dreams and a broken marriage. Encouraged by his strongwoman mother to jumpstart his life through exercise, he opts for yoga and meets confident studio owner Jewel. Meanwhile, he receives a series of calls on his new phone for shady character Mick. Intrigued, Peter eventually takes on Mick’s identity, starting innocently enough as gang chauffeur. However, Peter becomes increasingly in danger with the arrival of a warring gang from Alberta, a kidnapping attempt, his mother’s abduction, and a violent showdown. Luckily the women in his life aren’t as inept as he is.
Workshop #1: June 24–26, 2016
Workshop #2: July 22-24, 2016
Workshop #3: August 19–21, 2016
One-on-One Pitch Sessions: September 15, 16 & 17, 2016
Script Pitch Event: Sunday September 18, 2016
36th Atlantic Film Festival: September 15-22, 2016

Questions? Please contact Walter Forsyth, Program Administrator, programadmin@atlanticfilm.com

The Atlantic Film Festival's annual Script Development Program is presented by Telefilm Canada & The Harold Greenberg Fund