Atlantic Filmmaker Focus: Percy Hynes White

Newfoundland actor Percy Hynes White

The Atlantic Film Festival is a champion of Atlantic Canadian filmmakers. In keeping with this promise, every month we profile some of the most incredibly talented people in the filmmaking industry today. This month, we look at Newfoundland actor Percy Hynes White.

Percy starred as Jude in Christian Sparkes Cast No Shadow, which screened at the 2014 Atlantic Film Festival. Cast No Shadow took home six Festival awards including Percy's win of the David Renton Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor.

We thought we'd check in with Percy as he has been in the spotlight recently with Cast No Shadow's theatrical release (April 3rd).

Percy Hynes White

Birthday:  October 8, 2001

Where are you from? I was born in St. John’s NL and lived there until I was eleven. 

Where do you currently reside? I live in Toronto.

What are some of your hobbies and interests, besides acting and filmmaking?  Skateboarding. Hanging out with my friends.  Listening to music. Beatboxing.

What’s your favourite movie?  Hard to pick one, I watch a lot of films. How about three films I love? InceptionSnatch, and Fight Club

How long have you been acting and how many films have you appeared in? I was in my mother’s belly when she wrote and starred in The Breadmaker, and I then I made a small appearance in my mother’s best friend’s (Adriana Maggs) short film when I was a toddler.  My first speaking role was a line or two in my mother’s feature film, Crackie (I was seven or eight). Then I started doing short films, and auditioning for bigger parts. I must’ve been in about 20 films or so by now. I don’t know – I haven’t counted!

What film did you have the most fun being in?  Probably Cast No Shadow or Backcountry (a film I just wrapped). Both were really challenging roles.

What do you enjoy most about making films?  The new people I get to meet.

Your mother (Sherry White) and father (Joel Thomas Hynes) are successful, well-known Atlantic Canadian filmmakers.  How much of their experience influenced your decision to be an actor and a filmmaker?  Very much - since they put me in their films! And I was around it so much my whole life.

If you could pick any actor to co-star with, who would it be?  If it was a comedy, Jim Carry. If it was a drama, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What will we see in you in next?  Well, I just wrapped a feature film currently titled Backcountry, though it may change.  Starring Myself, Tom Holland (The Impossible) and Joel Kinnamen (Robocop).

Please tell us a little bit about your character, Jude, in Cast No Shadow?  Very psychologically tormented and he gets abused by his father.  Tells a lot of lies, and has a lot of fears.  But he’s not a bad guy at heart, he just does some bad things.
What was the most challenging part of this role for you?  Probably getting into the character… How emotional and messed up he was.
What was your favourite experience filming Cast No Shadow?  I turned twelve during the shoot, and I had the same birthday as the DOP.  They had fireworks and cake and presents and stuff, I felt like it was a great big family. 
What was it like working with your father (Joel Thomas Hynes) who also plays your father on screen?  Great – he was really supportive – and we had lots of fun between scenes.   But he’s a great actor too, so that was awesome.

You won Best Actor at the 2014 Atlantic Film Festival. What did it feel like when you heard your name called?  I was like, “Whoah, cool.”  I was really honored actually.

Thanks for hanging with us, Percy! Can't wait to see you on the big screen, again!

Cast No Shadow is one of the many great Canadian films that will be celebrated on April 29th as part of the National Canadian Film Day festivities, presented by Reel Canada. The Atlantic Film Festival will be hosting a FREE screening of another great Atlantic Canadian made film, The Grand Seduction, at the NEW Halifax Central Library, in the Paul O'Regan Hall, 2PM on that day. Come join the party and win some Canadian film treats!

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